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Instilation of hzCmd
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sudo docker run -p 61616:61616 -it dannyhazelcast/hzcmd /bin/bash

open port 61616, you will need to be able to receive incoming tcp connection on port 61616 in this container.

To update the version of HzCmd and HzCmd-bench


or to use the very latest version

hz-update zeta
hz-bench-update zeta

you will also need need to built the Hazelcast version the HzCmd depends on.
so that HzCmd can build without error

hzCmd attempts to discover the public ip address of this container. by connecting to the service

a ActiveMQ server / broker will run in this container.
to explicitly set the broker ip address, to the ip address of this container use the command
hz broker -ip

add this command to your script, before attempting to instantiate a cluster

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