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Docker container for Ocsigen Start.
Full Description

Ocsigen Start

Start your mobile application entirely in OCaml with eliom.

Ocsigen Start is in development

What is Eliom?

Eliom is a framework for building client/server Web and mobile applications 
in OCaml. It transforms OCaml into a multi-tier language, making it possible to
implement both the server and client parts of a Web and mobile app as a single
Applications can run on any Web browser or mobile device (iOS,Android), saving
from the need to develop one version for each platform.

Eliom has support for reactive pages (generated on server or client),
advanced session mechanism, server to client communication,
continuation based Web programming, etc.

Source: Ocisgen website

What is Ocsigen Start?

Ocsigen Start is an application template written with Eliom, Js_of_ocaml,
Ocsigen Toolkit, etc. It contains many standard features like user management, 
notifications, and many code examples.

Source: Ocsigen Start github

What does this container contain?

This container uses ocaml/opam:debian image.
It also installs PostgreSQL (needed by Ocsigen Start).

What does this container not contain?

This container has no Android SDK installed, given you the choice to use a
volume if you have Android SDK installed on your machine.
For the same reason, NodeJS, NPM and Cordova are not installed.

Useful volumes

  • A workspace for your eliom mobile project is created in the OPAM home. It is
    useful to share this repository to be able to use your development environment
    (such as your editor).

    docker run -it \
      -v /home/opam/workspace \
  • Such as said previously, Cordova, NodeJS and Android SDK are not installed
    to let you the choice to use your existing installation.
    Don't forget to add NPM packages repository to the container path as well
    as android_home variable.

    Start a new eliom mobile application

    Create a new container:

    docker run -it dannywillems/docker-ocsigen-start bash

    Update and upgrade (if needed) OPAM packages

    eval `opam config env`
    opam update && opam upgrade

    To create a new mobile eliom application in the workspace directory, use

    cd ~/workspace
    eliom-distillery -y -name eliom_is_awesome -template os.pgocaml

    The created project comes with an example. You can build it for Android

    make android

    To install and run the application on your Android smartphone, you can use

    make run-android

What about Cordova plugins?

A binding in OCaml using gen_js_api to Cordova plugins is done

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