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Apache/PHP Configured for using with Moodle and all supported DB drivers
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moodle-php-apache: A Moodle PHP Environment

A Moodle PHP environment configured for Moodle development based on Official PHP Images.


PHP Version Tag Status
PHP 7.1 7.1
PHP 7.0 7.0
PHP 5.6 5.6

Example usage

The following command will expose the current working directory on port 8080:

$ docker run --name web0 -p 8080:80  -v $PWD:/var/www/html danpoltawski/moodle-php-apache:7.1


  • Preconfigured with all php extensions required for Moodle development and all database drivers
  • Serves wwroot configured at /var/www/html/
  • Verified by automated tests


To faciliate testing and easy setup the following directories are created and owned by www-data by default:

  • /var/www/moodledata
  • /var/www/phpunitdata
  • /var/www/behatdata
  • /var/www/behatfaildumps

See also

This container is part of a set of containers for Moodle development, see also:

  • docker-moodle a docker-composer based set of tools to get Moodle development running with zero configuration
  • moodle-db-mssql Microsoft SQL Server for Linux configured for Moodle development
  • moodle-db-oracle Oracle XE configured for Moodle development
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