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ASP.NET vNext Docker Image

This Docker image contains a ready-to-go environment to run ASP.NET vNext applications in Linux using Mono.

See the Dockerfile for more details about how the image is built. The image is officially built on Docker Hub.

Image build outline

  • Base image is debian:latest
  • Installs latest stable Mono version (as of writing Mono 3.8.0)
  • Updates the certificate store, installs NuGet/MyGet SSL certificates.
  • Installs the latest ASP.NET vNext (from its dev feed).

This should get you a working image with latest official Mono/ASP.NET vNext bits.

Build upon this image

If you are writing a Dockerfile, begin with:

FROM ahmetalpbalkan/aspnet-vnext

Or pull this image using the docker command:

$ docker pull ahmetalpbalkan/aspnet-vnext

and play with the image you downloaded.

If you're planning to make a command like k web your ENTRYPOINT in your Dockerfile it should look
like this:


While starting your container, please run it with docker run -t -d switches since k command requires
TTY to stay alive and -t will attach a pseudo-TTY to the process.


This project is not affiliated with Microsoft or ASP.NET. It is independently maintained and the purpose
is to have a base Docker image where binaries are coming from official Mono & ASP.NET GitHub repositories
and versions are picked as stable ones working reliably.

Known issues

  • (low-pri) k command terminates just after starting while in the container because it expects some input
    from STDIN. You should use docker run -i to keep the process alive. (See issue)


(Feeling like contributing? Feel free to pick something below.)

  • [x] Wait for Mono to release a ≥3.6 tag and fix the Mono build number to a stable.
  • [ ] Find a way to fix kvm installation ( to a stable build.
  • [ ] Add link to example Dockerfile built upon this image.
  • [ ] Write a blog post about this.
  • [ ] Talk about this in a meetup.
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