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#+title: Docker Shadowsocks Client

#+description: shadowsocks client in docker(based on alpine linux)

#+keywords: docker shadowsocks client

#+author: littleqz


#+date: <2015-12-08 星期二 17:01>

#+startup: indent hideblocks content

#+options: ^:{} toc:t

  • What is this?
    Shadowsocks client in a docker container. Quickly create local shadowsocks client in 5 secs.

  • How to use?
    Simply run(replace related args with your custom value)

: sudo docker run -d --restart=yes \
: -e SERVER=<your-server> \
: -e SERVER_PORT=<port> \
: -e LOCAL_PORT=1080 \
: -e PASSWORD=<your-password> \
: -p 1080:1080 littleqz/shadowsocks-client


Clone this repo and go into it

: git clone && cd docker-shadowsocks-client

Setting connection info in docker-compose.yml, then run

: sudo docker-compose up -d

Now your can access your socks proxy with address ~localhost:1080~.

  • Build your own image
    If you would like to build your own docker image, simply clone this repo and run:

: sudo docker build -t <your-image-name> .

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