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Application to monitor certificates expiration. Based on
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Application to monitor certificates expiration.
Based on, uses hairlom-mailx
to send notifications.

Endpoints to be monitored can be given in a file /ssl_endpoints_list:

# /ssl_endpoints_list
domain.ext 443
domain2.ext 465

or via the ENDPOINTS environment variable.

The checks will run only once unless CHECK_INTERVAL or DAILY_TIME variables are set.

Environment variables

Variable Mandatory Default Description
ENDPOINTS no Specifies the endpoints to monitor. A newline-separated list of FQDN PORT.
SEND_EMAIL no If set sends email notifications to the address specified in SMTP_TO.
SMTP_FROM no `ssl-cert-check@localhost.localdomain` From: address for notifications emails.
SMTP_USER no SMTP Username. <br>Required if SEND_EMAIL is set.
SMTP_PASS no SMTP Password. <br>Required if SEND_EMAIL is set.
SMTP_URI no SMTP URI. Es: smtps://". <br>Required if SEND_EMAIL is set.
SMTP_TO no To: address for notifications emails. <br>Required if SEND_EMAIL is set.
WARNING_DAYS no 30 Minimum remaining days of certificate validity before notification.
CHECK_INTERVAL no Duration (in seconds) of sleep between checks.
DAILY_TIME no If set run the script daily at the specified time (UTC). Examples: 14:00, 23:59:59
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