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Kippo-Graph is a full featured script to visualize statistics from a Kippo SSH honeypot.

It uses the Libchart PHP chart drawing library by Jean-Marc Trémeaux, QGoogleVisualizationAPI PHP Wrapper for Google’s Visualization API by Thomas Schäfer, RedBeanPHP library by Gabor de Mooij, MaxMind and geoPlugin geolocation technology.

How to use this image

Make sure your mysql container that contains kippo database is up and running:

$ docker start some-mysql

Note: kippo-graph does not work properly with mysql:5.7, please use mysql:5.6 instead

Start kippo-graph container:

docker run -d -P --link some-mysql:mysql --name kippo-graph dariusbakunas/kippo-graph:latest

$ docker port kippo
80/tcp ->

Browse to http://localhost:49166 (or use boot2docker ip to get an ip address if under OSX or windows):

You can also specify following environment variables:

  • -e KIPPO_DB_HOST=... (defaults to IP of the linked mysql container)
  • -e KIPPO_DB_PORT=... (defaults to 3306)
  • -e KIPPO_DB_PASSWORD=... (defaults to the value of the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD environment variable from the linked mysql container)
  • -e KIPPO_DB_USER=... (defaults to root)
  • -e KIPPO_DB_NAME=... (defaults to kippo)
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