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rpmbuild is a image for build rpms.
Full Description

Run as daemon

docker run -itd -w=/root/rpmbuild/ --name rpmbuild darkautism/rpmbuild

Copy your SPEC file into /root/rpmbuild/SPECS

you can use docker cp command to push file into dir.

docker cp yourspecfile.spec rpmbuild:/root/rpmbuild/SPECS/

Tar your source file and puit tar into /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES/

docker cp your.tar.gz rpmbuild:/root/rpmbuild/SOURCES/

Build rpm file

 docker run -it rpmbuild rpmbuild -bb yourspecfile.spec

Copy your rpm file

docker cp rpmbuild:/root/rpmbuild/SPECS/yourrpm.rpm .

Run as command

you can use volume optition to mount your rpmbuild dir

docker run -it --rm \
-v /root/rpmbuild/:/root/rpmbuild/ \
-w=/root/rpmbuild/ \
darkautism/rpmbuild rpmbuild -bb yourspecfile.spec
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