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Ubuntu LXDE vnc with Oracle java 8 installed: docker run -d -p 6080:6080 darkdth/metrocloud
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This is html noVNC based ubuntu-desktop-lxde-vnc image with added flash and Oracle java 8. Original image is from dorowu and after that have been modified by hadabax to open firefox with Metropolia UAS Netlabpro remote learning enviroment. I myself added xpdf and Oracle java 8 which both are required by Netlabpro e-learning enviroment to open remote device consoles over java connection.
This image can be deployed as a jumphost without authentication to get access to Netlabs Java and Flash based remote e-learning services e.g. Access Netlab from chromebook.
Note the plugins might be vulnerable to exploits so disconnect the appliance from real internet!
Note2 Seems to work with docker toolbox so you do not need to intall flash and java into your main work machine you can run them from a container with browser!

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