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DarkMetrix log agent in docker for
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DarkMetrix log agent is an application that collect logs from unix domain socket(Datagram) and produce them to Kafka.

Kafka requirements

See DarkMetrix/log/agent to get more information.


docker run \
        -d \
        --name dm_log_agent \
        -v /var/tmp:/var/tmp \
        -v /etc/hosts:/etc/hosts \
        darkmetrix/log_agent \


-broker string

    The kafka broker list, eg:localhost:9092,localhost:9093, default is empty

-codec string

    The compress codec will be used to send the logs, none, gzip, snappy, lz4 available, default:none

-log_queue_size int

    The size of log transform queue to buffer logs, default:20000

-topic string

    The kafka topic which the logs will be sent to, default:net_log

-unix_domain_socket string

    The unix domain socket path, default:/var/tmp/net_log.sock
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