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Hostname (-h) should be a subdomain of MAILNAME, usually.
So could be the hostname and the MAILNAME.


Make sure the certificate has the intermediate CA's attached. (you can cat them both together)
The filenames should be the FQDN, with dots replaced with dashes.
So radiant-darksecond-nl.pem for example.
The private key should be decrypted.
Mount the certificates as volume under /certs

Virtual aliases

Example virtual-aliases file:

# alias                actual

Virtual domains

Example virtual-domains file:    OK

Virtual users

Example virtual-users file:

# sender address        owner (SASL login name), comma seperated


docker build .
docker run --name=postfix \
  --link dovecot:dovecot \
  --rm \
  -p 25:25 \
  -p 587:587 \
  -p 465:465 \
  -h \
  -e \
  -v ~/mail/certs:/certs \
  -v ~/mail/virtual-aliases:/conf/virtual-aliases \
  -v ~/mailbox/virtual-domains:/conf/virtual-domains \
  -v ~/mailbox/virtual-users:/conf/virtual-users \
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