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CentOS 6.6 Samba 4 Container - 287 MB
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Samba Container Build

Built from darkside/centos66

Build container using default values.

docker build -t darkside/samba .

Running the container

The container is built to allow several configurable variables to be passed in at runtime. The values are as follows:

ENV SMB_PASS password

  • SMB_USER - The username that samba will use in order to connect to the /home and /public samba shares.
  • SMB_PASS - The password of the samba user to connect to the /home and /public samba shares.

Run the container using default values

docker run -d -it --name samba -h samba -p 138:138/udp -p 139:139 -p 445:445 -p 445:445/udp darkside/samba

This will assume the following

  • SMB_USER = samba
  • SMB_PASS = password

Example: If you have an apache server where the application runs in either /home or /var/www/html (public)
You can start the apache container as normal making the /var/www/html a data volume, and then connect to it via this
samba container

docker run -d -it --name apache -h apache -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v /var/www/html yourrepo/apache 

Run the container substituting the $varables with your own custom values and attach to the example apache server above

docker run -d -it \
--name samba \
-h samba \
-p 138:138/udp \
-p 139:139 \
-p 445:445 \
-p 445:445/udp \
--volumes-from apache \
-e SMB_USER='admin' \
-e SMB_PASS='connect' \

In this instance connecting to the samba server via your client, would present the /var/www/html folder contents of the
apache server running the data volume as indicated in the --volumes-from apache line in the docker run statement when
starting the samba container.

The container can also be started as a standalone samba container without the --volumes-from line, in which case will only
share the local /home and /var/www/html directories residing on the samba container.

Navigate to the IP address of the server using either the //serverip from windows or CMD+K -> smb://serverip from OSX in order to access the samba shares running on the samba container.

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