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The simplest logs collector for your applications
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What is Logbook?

Logbook is a simple logs collector built on top of RocksDB.

How to use this image

Start Logbook with the default configuration

docker run --name some-logbook -d darthsim/logbook

Storing a data

This image stores persistent data in the VOLUME /data. You can mount a data directory from the host machine to the volume with

docker run --name some-logbook -v /path/to/data/directory:/data -d darthsim/logbook

Start Logbook with a custom configuration

You can use your custom logbook.conf by mounting it to /logbook.conf:

docker run --name some-logbook -v /path/to/logbook.conf:/logbook.conf -d darthsim/logbook

Note: Do not change bind and port params in the config file because this will make Logbook inaccessible from outside. If you want to change port, you can create your own Dockerfile:

FROM darthsim/logbook
COPY logbook.conf /logbook.conf
EXPOSE 12345

Connect to Logbook from an application in another Docker container

This image exposes the default Logbook port (11610), so container linking makes the Logbook server available to other containers:

docker run --name some-app --link some-logbook:logbook -d app-that-uses-logbook


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You can find the documentation in the of GitHub repository of Logbook.

If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact us through a GitHub issue.

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