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Hidden, master, authoritative-only name-server.
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This is a hidden, master, authoritative-only name-server, which helps you to manage yourself your domains.

Hidden means that it stays behind a firewall, not accessible from the outside world. Master or primary means that it is a primary source of information for the domains that it provides. There are also slave/secondary DNS servers, which get the information of the domains that they cover from other (master/primary) servers. If we update the domain on a master server, the slaves will synchronise with it automatically after a certain time.

Authoritative-only means that the server will just give answers for the domains that it masters, and nothing else. DNS servers can possibly do several things, for example give answers to DNS requests from clients, both for the domains that they are responsible for and for other domains. If they don't know the answer, they get it from the Internet, fetch it to the client and then cache it for future requests. However this server does not do any of these things. It just answers for its own domains.

See also this: docs/


  • Get the code from github: git clone
  • Change any configurations on config/var/cache/bind/, config/etc/bind/ and
  • Build the docker image with
  • Create a container with

In case that configuration needs to be changed, update it and do again: ./ && ./ && ./

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