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Compiling LibreOffice-Dev with the latest translations
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Compiling LibreOffice-Dev with the latest translations

Create and run the container

Create and start a container like this:

docker start libreoffice-compile

To enter the container run docker exec -it libreoffice-compile /bin/bash.
You can also login remotely with ssh (using the port 2211).

Clone the source code of LibreOffice

These scripts assume that the code that will be compiled is already cloned inside the directory compile/,
and the directory has the same name as the branch that will be compiled. For example:

git clone --branch=libreoffice-5-0 \
          git:// \

Start compilation

Edit compile/config and set the right git branch and language to be compiled.
Then run docker/ The compilation script will use nohup, so you can press Ctrl+C
and the compilation will still continue on the background. Everything will be recorded in a log file,
and you can check it anytime like this:

tail -f compile/nohup-libreoffice-5-0-20150706.out
less -r compile/nohup-libreoffice-5-0-20150706.out

You can also start the compilation from inside the container (for example if you login with ssh),
like this: /compile/
Again, you can press Ctrl+C to stop the log display, and then resume it later with:

tail -f /compile/nohup-libreoffice-5-0-20150706.out

Get and run the compiled program

When the compilation ends successfully, the new program will be placed inside the folder compile/.
You can run it like this:

tar xfz compile/libreoffice-5-0-20150706.tgz
libreoffice-5-0-20150706/program/soffice &
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