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Image for dask-distributed
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Dask docker images

Docker images for dask-distributed.

  1. Base image to use for dask scheduler and workers
  2. Jupyter Notebook image to use as helper entrypoint

This images are built primarily for the dask-distributed Helm Chart
but they should work for more use cases.

How to use / test

A helper docker-compose file is provided to test functionality.

docker-compose up

Open the notebook using the URL that is printed by the output so it has the token.

On a new notebook run:

from dask.distributed import Client
client = Client('scheduler:8786')

It should output something like this:

{'tcp://': 4}

Building images

Docker compose provides an easy way to building all the images with the right context

docker-compose build

# Just build one image e.g. notebook
docker-compose build notebook
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