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(Mirroring fork) A local server to stub complex WebSocket backends.
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Build YAKjs docker image

To build a YAKjs docker image, use the docker build command:

docker build -t yakjs

Run yakjs docker image

To create and run a new container using the previously created YAKjs image, use the following command:

docker run -d -p 8790:8790 -p 9000-9099:9000-9099 -e YAKJS_NO_LOCALHOST_RESTRICTION=true --name yakjs-demo yakjs

The environment variable YAKJS_NO_LOCALHOST_RESTRICTION needs to be set to true to disable the localhost restriction.
So we can use the user interface and the API via the docker machine IP.

To stop and start this YAKjs instance, you can then use the following commands:

docker stop yakjs-demo

docker start yakjs-demo

Cleaning up

To remove the container use:

docker stop yakjs-demo
docker rm yakjs-demo

The built image can be removed using:

docker rmi yakjs

Trouble shooting

To connect to the running container use:

docker exec -t -i yakjs-demo /bin/bash

The log files can be found under:

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository