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build the docker image of riak db.
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Basho riak database with search on docker images.


Expose ports

  • 8098 (http)
  • 8087 (protobuf)


  • /var/lib/riak (data)


Default, the riak will use bitcask as the storeage backend, can use use other backend with docker environmnet STORAGE_BACKEND .
For example:

  • STORAGE_BACKEND=bitcask/leveldb/memory

Default the riak disable search function, can open it with docker environmnet RIAK_SEARCH .

  • RIAK_SEARCH=off/on

And can use docker environmnet ANTI_ENTROPY to change anti_entropy configuration (default is active).

  • ANTI_ENTROPY=active/passive/active-debug


Run a standalone riak

docker run -p 8098:8098 -p 8087:8087 -d dasudian/riak

Open search:

docker run -p 8098:8098 -p 8087:8087 -e RIAK_SEARCH=on -d dasudian/riak

Mount the riak data to host disk:

docker run -v /data/riak:/var/lib/riak -d dasudian/riak

Run a riak cluster

NOTE: To run a riak cluster, all riak container need to in the same network (bridge, overlay).

  1. Create a network (the example run the cluster on a single docker host).

docker network create -d bridge riak_bridge

  1. Run the riak nodes.

docker run -e NODE_HOST=riak1.db --net=riak_nw --net-alias=riak1.db -d dasudian/riak
docker run -e NODE_HOST=riak2.db --net=riak_nw --net-alias=riak2.db -d dasudian/riak

NOTE: the NODE_HOST should be same with network alias.

  1. Join the cluster.

docker exec -ti [container2] riak-admin cluster join riak@riak1.db
docker exec -ti [container2] riak-admin cluster plan
docker exec -ti [container2] riak-admin cluster commit

  1. Check the cluster status.

docker exec -ti [container2] riak-admin cluster status

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