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A ssl enabled nginx reverse proxy for the docker registry with a ui
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Docker Registry Reverse Proxy (Nginx)

This Dockerfile provides a https reverse proxy with HTTP Basic Auth for the official Docker registry container.

The Dockerfile is a modified version of marvambass/nginx-registry-proxy.

It adds the docker-registry-ui for browsing the registry under the uri /ui.

Running the container

To run this container, you need a running registry with the name registry for example:

docker run -d --name registry \
-v $YOUR_REGISTRY_DIR:/registry \
-e "SETTINGS_FLAVOR=local" \
-e "SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy" \
-e "STORAGE_PATH=/registry" \

You also need a htpasswd-file and a ssl keypair.

Put the new files in a folder to get a result like this:

~/your/path/external$ ls
cert.pem  docker-registry.htpasswd  key.pem

You're now ready to run the nginx-registry-proxy Server ;)

docker run -d -p 443:443 \
-v $PATH\_TO\_YOUR/external:/etc/nginx/external \
--link registry:registry --name registry-proxy \
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