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MEDIator Data Synchronization and Sharing Platform
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To build the docker images, run command:

docker build -t mediator MED/

To run the docker images with default portnumber, run command:

docker run -P mediator

then the logs for building the webapp come out. You should see no ERROR messages. Once a message INFO: Starting ProtocolHandler ["http-bio-9090"] comes out, the webapp is started.

To get the port number, run command:

docker port $(docker ps -q)

Or you can run with your favourite port number by command:

docker run -p <your favourite port>:9090 mediator

To get the ip address, run command:

docker-machine ip

Set the environment variables and execute docker instance

docker run -e API_KEY='your-tcia-api-key' -e MASHAPE_AUTHORIZATION='your-mashape-authorization' -e BASE_URL='' -P mediator 


docker run -e API_KEY='your-tcia-api-key' -e MASHAPE_AUTHORIZATION='your-mashape-authorization' -e BASE_URL='' -p <your favorite port>:9090 mediator

Use MEDIator

Connect to http://localhost:DOCKER-PORT/mediator/ from your favorite browser.

To stop the docker machine

docker ps

docker stop CONTAINER-ID

Citing MEDIator: If you have used MEDIator in your research, please cite the below paper.

Kathiravelu, P. & Sharma, A. (2015). MEDIator: A Data Sharing Synchronization Platform for Heterogeneous Medical Image Archives. In Workshop on Connected Health at Big Data Era (BigCHat'15) , co-located with 21st ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2015). Aug. 2015. ACM. 6 pages.
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