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DogStatsD Dockerfile for Trusted Builds.
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DogStatsD Dockerfile

This repository is meant to build the image for a DogStatsD container.

This image is deprecated. Please run DogStatsD from docker-dd-agent instead.

Quick Start

This image is ready-to-go, you just need to set your hostname and API_KEY in the environment.

docker run -d --name dogstatsd -h `hostname` -e API_KEY=apikey_3 datadog/docker-dogstatsd

Link to other containers

Your other containers will probably want to send datas to the DogStatsD container. For that, you will need to add a --link option to your run command.

docker run  --name my_container           \
            --all_your_flags              \
            --link dogstatsd:dogstatsd \

Then you will have DogStatsd address and port accessible from your environment in DOGSTATSD_PORT_8125_UDP_ADDR and DOGSTATSD_PORT_8125_UDP_PORT.


You can refer to docker-dd-agent documentation.

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