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Moved to datacoda/vhabot-backup
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DEPRECATED - Moved to datacoda/vhabot-backup


Sidecar Docker container for Anarchy Online Vhabot. It's assumes that /var/lib/vhabot/config.d
is located on a volume container to which this backup container will be granted volume access.

Duplicity installation based off


Just start up the container.

    docker run -d --name vhabot-backup --restart=always \
        --volumes-from vhabot-data \
        -e REMOTE_URL=s3+http://mys3bucket/vhabot/ \
        -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=key \
        -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=secret \
        -e PASSPHRASE=symmetric \

It's scheduled to do daily incremental backups. Weekly full backups. There is currently no
cleaning nor removal of older backup sets.

You can also invoke a backup (full or incremental) at anytime via exec.

    docker exec -it vhabot-backup backup full

A restore script is also provided that will move the contents of the existing config.d
folder to /var/backup and pull down the latest from the duplicity set.

    docker exec -it vhabot-backup restore

Since there is a cron job that initiates a backup, it's probably best to run with a bash command
instead when doing restores. There is no guard against it starting a backup on an empty dir.


Tested only with US Standard S3 buckets.

This is mostly a cobbled together a proof of concept that works fine for my needs. If you have
any specific needs that aren't met - like another S3 region or backend, feel free to fork and
file a feature issue.



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