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Official build for the Grafterizer dispatch service
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What is the Grafterizer dispatch service?

The Grafterizer dispatch service is a server component in the DataGraft platform that handles request authentication for Grafterizer and dispatches requests for input and output across the multiple services.

How to use this Docker image

To run this image you need to have a running instance (accessible over the Internet) of the DataGraft platform, Grafterizer, Graftwerk (or Graftwerk load balancer), and Graftwerk cache. Additionally, the following code snippet contains the necessary setup for the security features of DataGraft. For more details on the environment set up please visit the Github repository.

docker run --net host \
  --name grafterizer-dispatch-service \
  -p <dispatcher service port>:8082 \
  -e COOKIE_STORE_SECRET=randomlongstring \
  -e OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID=clientidfromdatagraft \
  -e OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET=clientsecretfromdatagraft \
  -e DATAGRAFT_URI=http://<DataGraft platform URL>:<DataGraft platform port> \
  -e CORS_ORIGIN=http://<grafterizer URL>:<grafterizer port> \
  -e GRAFTWERK_URI=http://<graftwerk URL>:<graftwerk port> \
  -e GRAFTWERK_CACHE_URI=http://<graftwerk cache URL>:<graftwerk cache port> \
  -e PUBLIC_CALLBACK_SERVER=http://<dispatcher service URL>:<dispatcher service port> \
  -e PUBLIC_OAUTH2_SITE=http://<DataGraft platform URL>:<DataGraft platform port> \
  -d datagraft/grafterizer-dispatch-service 

This code runs the dispatcher service in the Docker host's network stack (see Docker networking for more details).


This image is available under the Eclipse Public License (v1.0).

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