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Short Description
Takes a directory of files and puts them in a RabbitMQ
Full Description

RabbitMQ file Producer

This docker image takes a directory of files with the name format, filename.extension
and loads them into the specified rabbitMQ. By default the extension is xml.
Specifying an extension gets around the problem of trying to load .DS_Stores and other useless files.


As no files are contained in the image, you must link a directory on the host containing the files you'd like to load.

Environment Variables

Variable Default Notes
RABBITMQ_DEFAULT_USER guest RabbitMQ username
RABBITMQ_DEFAULT_PASS guest RabbitMQ password
RABBITMQ_HOSTNAME localhost RabbitMQ host name
RABBITMQ_QUEUENAME track-event RabbitMQ queue name to push events
MAX_FILES 10000000 Maximum number of files to be loaded
FILES_DIRECTORY input-files Relative or absolute path of files to be loaded in
FILE_EXTENSION xml The file extension to load


docker run

docker run -v /path/to/local/files:/input-files rabbit-producer

Add -e ENV_VAR=value parameters to the command to configure the environment variables.

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