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DataTorrent RTS ((Real Time Streaming) - powered by Apache Apex, Apache Hadoop.
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DataTorrent RTS test sandbox

This repository contains a ready to use DataTorrent RTS test sandbox docker image in which datatorrent RTS is preinstalled and running. All one need to do is launch this docker image and start playing with DataTorrent RTS.


Run RTS docker container

This will create and start a docker container from the docker image.
Note: You can change the RTS version number based on the docker image you are using. We are using 3.5.0 for example.

docker run -it --name=RTS-3.5.0-sandbox datatorrent/rts:RTS-3.5.0-ubuntu-14.04
Start dtcli after launching docker container
dtadmin@176d473e7eba:~$ dtcli
Apex CLI 3.5.0-dt20160916 16.09.2016 @ 01:43:00 PDT rev: 30bb100 branch: refs/tags/v3.5.0-dt20160916


Linux user information

Username: dtadmin
Password: dtadmin

NOTE: User "dtadmin" is added in sudoers list and is provided with root privileges.

Run docker container with host directory mounted

This will create and start a docker container and docker images while mounting local filesystem directory as a mount point inside docker container.

docker run -it --name=RTS-3.5.0-sandbox -v /local/path/to/mount:/mount_location datatorrent/rts:RTS-3.5.0-ubuntu-14.04
Start already created docker container
docker start -i RTS-3.5.0-sandbox
DtManage, Hadoop, YARN WebUI from local machine

Following command will map dtmanage, yarn and hadoop ports exposed inside docker container to be mapped to ports of host machine.

docker run -it --name=RTS-3.5.0-sandbox -p 9090:9090 -p 50070:50070 -p 8088:8088 datatorrent/rts:RTS-3.5.0-ubuntu-14.04

After docker has started, one can point host machine's browser to below URLs:
localhost:9090 : DtManage WebUI
localhost:8088 : yarn WebUI
localhost:50070 : hadoop WebUI

NOTE: If any of these ports on host machine are address already in use, then change the port to another unused port.
For example: if port 8088 is already in use on your host machine then use another unused port example: 8089

docker run -it --name=RTS-3.5.0-sandbox -p 9090:9090 -p 50070:50070 -p 8089:8088 datatorrent/rts:RTS-3.5.0-ubuntu-14.04

In this case you can access yarn WebUI using localhost:8089

Docker Pull Command