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zabbix agent with restcomm metrics
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Zabbix agent for Restcomm Cluster

It collects restcomm metrics from all restcomm nodes(tasks) in mesos cluster.
It uses shared object modules intead of UserParameter.

Docker env variables

  1. MARATHON_HOST - mesos marathon host like
  2. ZA_agent_conf_key - you can use this template to override/add any zabbix agent config field


You should use --net host otherwise zabbix agent will send internal docker container ip address to zabbix server

docker run -d \
--name restcomm-agent \
-e ZA_Server= \
-e ZA_ServerActive= \
-e ZA_HostMetadata=restcomm \
-e ZA_Hostname=restcomm \
-e ZA_ListenPort=11050 \
--net host \

How to use app


You should use LLD with restcomm.discovery key

Discovery result contains the followings keys

  1. {#APP_NAME} - cluster app name. restcomm by default
  2. {#INSTANCE_ID} - restocmm node Instance id

Available metrics:

metrics template is restcomm.metrics[{#INSTANCE_ID},<Metric Key>]

Metric Keys:

  1. LiveCalls
  2. TotalCallsSinceUptime
  3. FailedCalls
  4. CompletedCalls
  5. LiveOutgoingCalls
  6. LiveIncomingCalls

Module source code -

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