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This is a complete install of Dradis-Community addition; added methodologies a bonus!
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docker pull davefrancis/dradis-ce:v1.0

To run:
Method 1:
docker run --name dradis-ce-04 -p 3050:3000 -d -w /home/dradis-ce/ davefrancis/dradis-ce:v1.0 bundle exec rails server -b

  • this command set the exposed port to 3050 < use this with the url to access

Method 2
docker run --name dradis-ce-01 -p 3050:3000 -it davefrancis/dradis-ce:v1.0

  • here we have selected to expose the container on port 3050 &
  • the container will start with the command line exposed, then enter the directory and run the app as follows:
    cd home/dradis-ce
    bundle exec rails server -b

to exit but leave the container running use [control p q] and access app via the URL of our server with port 3050 in this example.
enter password and username

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