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Slim (Alpine-based) container for building & testing Python packages.
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Docker container for building Python stuff in a CI fashion.

I created this while evaluating Concourse CI as a CI/CD solution for our Python stack at work. It might be helpful for you as well so here it is.


This container is a little strange in that it does not contain a CMD. It is meant to be run using docker run --rm -it with volumes mounted appropriately and the command to run as an argument. Various shell scripts are included in the /app directory.

Simple Example

This looks awful but remember that this is something that you should script up and forget about.

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/myproject:/source -v $(pwd)/output:/output \
   daveshawley/python-build /app/run-tests


Simply builds a wheel and source distribution in the output directory.


Builds sphinx documents for the project and puts the rendered HTML in the output directory.


Runs nosetests with coverage enabled and writes the reports to the output directory.


As you might expect, everything is configured using environment variables that are described in this section.


Where does the source code live on my disk? The default value is the Docker volume /source.


Where should I place the output? The default value is the Docker volume /output.


Which Python interpreter should I use? The default value is python3.


Any additional packages that you require? This isn't usually necessary since we use for most things and automatically install the Pip requirements files from requirements.txt, test-requirements.txt, requires/testing.txt, and requires/installation.txt. If you do find the need to install additional packages and cannot modify the source, then use this knob. It is passed to pip install as-is.

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