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Noted is a note-taking application along the lines of tomboy.

It is web based and has a focus on simplicity in code and in UX.

The core premise is that notes can easily link to one another, forming a web.

To create a link to another note, surround it in double square brackets like:


To start writing in that note, just click the link.

To create a new note without linking to it, or navigate to a note, type it's name in either the title field or the address bar.

You can check out a demo if you like.

Running your own

To run the server:

node server.js

The server looks for three environment variables, all optional.

  • PORT - Default 3000
  • NOTEDIR - Default ./notes
  • NOTEDPASS - Defaults to not being required

If a password is set, all requests will be served with a login page. Enter the password and blur the input element, you'll be redirected.

There are no dependencies, there are no libraries. Have fun!

Notes (heh)

Noted is intended as single player only. More than one person can use it, but if you both try and update a note at the same time you'll overwrite each other.

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