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HMS DBMI Transmart Application
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Java 7, Tomcat 8.0.23

Instantiation -- run transmart_etl first. Then:

docker run -d --name oracle -p 1521:1521 filemon/oracle_11g
docker run -d --name solr -p 8983:8983 makuk66/docker-solr
docker run -d --name rserve -p 6311:6311 davidbernick/rserve_server_transmart
docker run -d -e 'environment=development' -P --name transmart --link oracle:oracle --link solr:solr --link rserve:rserve -p 8085:8080 davidbernick/hms_transmart

To make your own tiller scripts make a Dockerfile that's based on this docker and add this to the Dockerfile:
ADD data/tiller /etc/tiller

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