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Short Description
Oracle Java 8 (and 7) over Debian Jessie
Full Description

Yet another Debian Docker image with Oracle Java

Basic Docker image to run Java applications, based on Debian Jessie. This image is patched with Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files.

It also includes Bash, since many Java applications like to have convoluted Bash start-up scripts.

Based on anapsix/alpine-java Docker image (thanks anapsix!!).


JRE8/JDK8 Version: 8u92-b14
JRE7/JDK7 Version: 7u80-b15


Java version tags Size
Oracle Java 8 JRE latest / 8 / jre / jre8
Oracle Java 8 JDK jdk / jdk8
Oracle Java 7 JRE 7 / jre7
Oracle Java 7 JDK jdk7



docker run -it --rm davidcaste/debian-oracle-java java -version
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