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A development environment tailored for a MEAN fullstack application
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I've build this repository, based on the official nodejs image, to work with angular-fullstack.

#How to run it

You must have an instance of MongoDB running. See MongoDB official repository here

Run the following command from within your project directory

docker run -it --name <machine_name> 
        --link <mongodb_instance_name>:mongodb 
        -v "$PWD":/usr/src/<your_app_name> 
        -p 9000 
        -w /usr/src/<you_app_name> davidecavaliere/mean-dev:0.12 bash

This will leave you on a bash in the mapped application folder from you hosting machine.

There are npm modules that do not like to be installed as root for this cases there is a developer user that can be used.

sudo developer -
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