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Docker container including, MySQL, Redis and memcached in order to run Magento (CE).
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#Docker, & Magento


Dockerfile to build, MySQL, Redis and memcached in order to run Magento (CE).


  • Docker version >= v1.3
  • Docker Compose
  • GNU Linux Kernel version >= 3.16 on the host machine

Quick Start

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub

     git clone
     cd docker-appserver-magento
  2. Come up with a suitable name for your virtualHost and change config/virtual-hosts.xml as follows

  3. (Optional) Add the hostname to your hosts file, if you are in a development enviroment.
  4. Unpack the magento source to any directory on your local drive (e.g. /var/www/magento) and change the path in the volumes section of docker-compose.yml accordingly. In production environments, you also might want to change the credentials in the mysql section.
  5. Start all containers using docker-compose. Of course, it's possible to start them individually.

     docker-compose up

  1. Mission accomplished! Now switch to your browser, open your new virtual host (e.g. and install magento as usual. Make sure to enter mysql as database host (not localhost).
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