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Script for building a docker image that contains an android build environment

This docker file sets up a build environment for Android API Level 10.

It sets up the SDK and the NDK for your builds.

How to use

In order to use it, you need to run it with:

docker run -v <path to your source>:/src davidsiaw/ndk-env

The command above mounts your directory to where the container expects the source to be and builds it.

By default this will run ndk-build and ant debug. See

Also, you can call it with your own command if you want:

docker run -v <path to your source>:/src davidsiaw/ndk-env make android


If you don't want to build and just want to download the image, you can do that with this command

docker pull davidsiaw/ndk-env


It should be obvious at this point you will need docker to use this.

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