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added pax support
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i fixed his privilege issue which requires the container to run as root

JDownloader 2 Headless Container with Connection

Things to in Order to get the best out of this Container

  1. Create a folder on your host for the configuration files (eg. mkdir /config/jd2)
  2. run docker run -d --name jd2 -v /config/jd2:/opt/JDownloader/cfg -v /home/user/Downloads:/opt/downloads ben-st/jdownloader2-headless
  3. stop the container docker stop jd2
  4. On your host, add your credentials to the file org.jdownloader.api.myjdownloader.MyJDownloaderSettings.json as in { "password" : "mypasswort", "email" : "", } and if you like your DeviceName { "devicename" : "foobar", }
  5. and change default Download Location in the file org.jdownloader.settings.GeneralSettings.json as in { "defaultdownloadfolder" : "/opt/downloads" }
  6. start the container docker start jd2
  7. you can jump into the container with: docker exec -it <containerName> bash and then look into /opt/Jdownloader/logs it takes about one Minute to finish the extraction if your Webinterface needs a little Time before you see something
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