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k8s component to validate and update onos configuraiton
Full Description

ONOS Configuration Validation and Update

This component periodically pulls the network configuraiton from and ONOS instance
and compares it a desired state configuraton. If the operational configuration
state is different than the desired state the desired state configuraiton is
POST-ed to the ONOS instance.

Configuration difference is calculated by validating the desired state
configuraiton against the operational configuration. If an object
specified in the desired does not exists in the operational state or the value
of that object is different the configuraiton is considered different and the
desired configuration is POST-ed.


The following values can be set via the environment to customize the behavior of
the component

  • ONOS - the connection string to use to contact the ONOS instance,
    default araf:karaf@fabric-controller:8181
  • DESIRED_CONFIG - file containing the desired state configuration.
    default /desired.json. volumes should be used to customize the file
  • WAIT - number of seconds to wait between validation checks,
    default 60
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