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Base GPDB-Docker Image.
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This is an alpha release of a GPDB Docker Image to be used as the Base image for adding initial software.

Pull the image and then docker run -i -d -p 5432:5432 <image> and you should get a Greenplum database that is started and ready for connections. You should be able to connect via psql (local version) or pgadmin works as well. Add a -p 2022:22 if you would like to be able to ssh to the container via ssh gpadmin@<docker-machine> -p 2022

This container leverages volumes to allow it to maintain some state between container start/stop. This was added for the use case of testing, labs, etc so that progress would not be lost if interrupted. Because of this, there is a possibility of orphaned volumes which will need to be cleaned

User: gpadmin Password: pivotal

or root/pivotal

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