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DRM - Beta

Docker Ruby Manager

This is a project I created to learn Golang. It is basically a very simple RVM type system
that uses Docker to manage ruby containers. This system currently supports function mapping
for rake, ruby, bundle, and rspec via the file.


It is assumed that you have installed Docker on your machine. I have currently only tested this on Mac.

Simply run this command to install DRM on your Mac. It will setup the function mappings for you.

docker run --rm -e USER_DIR=$HOME -v ~/:$HOME dbdevs/drm mac


install RUBY_VERSION [-r|--repo REPO_NAME]

Pulls the image for the particular Ruby version so it can be used.


drm install 2.2.2 -r

This will install the image


Stages the specified ruby image as a container and mounts the user's HOME directory with the
current directory as the working directory. TODO: Change the working directory whenever run is used.

If no gemset is specified, then default is used.


It shouldn't be necessary to call this command directly. When you do need to, please log an issue so
I can add an alias for the command. This command can currently be accessed by rake, ruby, rspec, and bundle.

destroy RUBY_VERSION[@GEMSET] [-r|--repo REPO_NAME]

Stops and removes the running container associated to the ruby version and gemset.

uninstall RUBY_VERSION [-r|--repo REPO_NAME]

Removes the ruby image locally.

Environment Variables


  • DRM_DOCKER_REPO - [optional] Can be set to avoid entering it for each command.
  • DOCKER_HOST - [required] This is necessary as this program communicates with the docker daemon api.
    Can be the .sock or a tcp.
  • HOME - [required] This allows for mounting a directory so you can switch directories without restarting
    TODO: Make this more generic as it is just for Mac


These are set per shell instance and do not persist between shell instances.

  • DRM_CONTAINER_NAME - The name of the current container being used.
  • DRM_IMAGE_NAME - The name of the current image being used.
  • DRM_FULL_IMAGE_NAME - The full name with the repository of the current image being used.
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