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CentOS container based deployment of an xwas library R package in RStudio for an exposome workshop.
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X-Wide Association Analysis (XWAS) is an R-package.

  • sample data files: HIV
  • add introspection to detect data types
  • script to collect results — use
  • add in support for fixed effect/random effect meta analyses
  • correlation heatmap
  • get to work with HIV dataset
  • repeated measures

Currently install directly from the Github repository using devtools, future support for CRAN installation forthcoming.

# install directly from Github
> library(devtools)
> devtools::install_github("nampho2/xwas")
Downloading GitHub repo nampho2/xwas@master

Make sure to set R_LIBS="~/.R_libs" within a .Renviron file within your home directory. Also make sure the ~/.R_libs folder exists to house personal packages distinct from the system set of R libraries.

# build, check, and install
xwas$ make deploy

# test the code
xwas$ R
> library(xwas)

# commit changes and push to kick off travis build
xwas$ git add <list of files>
xwas$ git commit -m "description of changes"
xwas$ git push
  • Karl Broman "Getting your R package on CRAN" [<a href="">web</a>]
  • Karl Broman "Writing R packages: Tools for Reproducible Research" [<a href="">pdf</a>]
  • R Admin Pages "CRAN" [<a href="">web</a>]
  • David Diez "Building R Packages" [<a href="">pdf</a>]
  • Friedrich Leisch "Creating R Packages: A Tutorial" [<a href="">pdf</a>]
  • Alyssa Frazee "RSkittleBrewer" [<a href="">web</a>]
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