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Docker Image for Fast Users Setup

This docker image config all users, including user administrator, through

See lib/ for all available settings.
Then you can use the environment variable MONGO_USERINFO to pass all settings.

Basic Usage

docker run -it -p 27017:27017 dboyliao/smongo

It may take a while to setup MongoDB

After the setup completed, you should have a running mongod on your localhost.

  • Type following command in your terminal shell to connect with mongodb.

    • Linux: mongo localhost:27017

    • OS X (boot2docker): mongo the.ip.for.boot2docker:27017 (This one is BUGGY!)

There is some issues about the filesystem for docker on OS X. I haven't found a solution for running mongod in docker on OS X. Sorry....

  • You now should be able to connect to mongo and the users are setted according to default values. See lib/ for all default values.

Passing Admin Information

Also, you can easily pass admin information through environment variables.

For example, run:

docker run -it -p 27017:27017 -e "MONGO_ADMIN=qmal" -e "MONGO_ADMIN_PWD=qmalpwd" dboyliao/smongo

Then you should be able to login MongoDB as a user adminstrator with username="qmal" and password="qmalpwd".

Passing Outer Into Docker

Suppose you put your under /home/dboy.

There is a empty folder /share in this docker image to share outer files into it.


docker run -it -p 27017:27017 -v /home/dboy:/share -e "MONGO_USERINFO=/share/" dboyliao/smongo

Then the mongod is set according to




  1. Can't run on boot2docker. Need to fix the journaling issue. (without "--smallfiles" tag)
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