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fork of l3iggs/docker-archlinux for educational purposes.
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Please see original repository at


Minimal Arch Linux docker image with trustable, traceable & inspectable origin


This image is built through the use of the official Docker build script for Arch Linux containers which is maintained by the Docker team. Have a look at the script here:

The file system used in docker-archlinux is in the tar.xz file in this repo. Feel free to inspect it to prove to yourself that it's safe!


Get the trustable, AUTOMATED BUILD prebuilt image from

docker pull l3iggs/archlinux

or build it locally yourself from the source repository:

  1. Make sure you're running Arch Linux
  2. Install dependencies
    sudo pacman -S --needed git expect arch-install-scripts docker
  3. Clone the Dockerfile repo
    git clone
  4. Build the root file system archive
    cd docker-archlinux
    ./ #you'll be asked for your sudo password here
  5. Build your baseline Arch Linux docker image
    docker build -t archlinux .
  6. Profit.
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