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Dockerfile for quacamole 0.9.3

Based on phusion

Although you can run guacamole from this container it is used a a base for the following

hall/guacamole-guacd - runs only guacd and exports the ports for other containers

hall/guacamole-mysql - runs the web server portion of guacamole and links to a mysql container

hall/guacamole-demo - demo that connects to itself


Randy Hall


Build from docker file:

git clone
cd guacamole
docker build -t hall/guacamole . 

You can also obtain it via:

docker pull hall/guacamole


Create your guacamole config directory and populate with the file.
See the sampleconfig directory. Then launch with the following.

docker run -d -v /your-config-location:/etc/guacamole -p 8080:8080 hall/guacamole

Browse to http://your-host-ip:8080

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