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Elasticsearch powers search in Atlassian's Bitbucket Server. This Docker container is based on the Atlassian guide to Install and configure a remote Elasticsearch instance and makes it easy to get Elasticsearch up and running for use with Bitbucket Server.

Quick start

For Elasticsearch's data directory that is used to store the search indexes, we recommend mounting a host directory as a data volume, or via a named volume if using a docker version >= 1.9.

To get started you can use a data volume, or named volumes. In this example we'll use named volumes.

$> docker volume create --name elasticVolume
$> docker run -v elasticVolume:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data --name "elasticsearch" -d -p 9200:9200 dchevell/bitbucket-elasticsearch

Success. Elasticsearch is now available on http://localhost:9200*

* Note: If you are using docker-machine on Mac OS X, please use open http://$(docker-machine ip default):8085 instead.


Bitbucket 5.7+ introduce support for Elasticsearch 5.x. Bitbucket 5.6 and prior support Elasticsearch 2.3.x only. This image therefore comes in two versions, one with Elasticsearch 5.5.3 and one with Elasticsearch 2.3.4. The following tags are supported:

  • Elasticsearch 5.5.3: 5, 5.5 and 5.5.3
  • Elasticsearch 2.3.5: 2, 2.3, 2.3.5


This container comes pre-configured with Atlassian's free Elasticsearch security plugin, buckler. You can specify a basic authentication username and password via the following environment variables.

  • AUTH_BASIC_USERNAME (default: bitbucket)

    The username to authenticate to Elasticsearch

  • AUTH_BASIC_PASSWORD (default: bitbucket)

    The password to authenticate to Elasticsearch

Memory / Heap Size

If you need to override the default heap size for Elasticsearch, you can specify a custom value via the below environment variables

Elasticsearch 5.x

  • ES_JAVA_OPTS (default: NONE)
    Xms/Xmx can be added directly to ES_JAVA_OPTS, e.g. "ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms1512m -Xmx1512m". The default heap size is 2g

Elasticsearch 2.x

  • ES_HEAP_SIZE (default: 2g)

    The total heap size of the JVM


This Docker container is unsupported and is intended for illustration purposes only.

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