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Dockerized reviewboard.
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Dockerized reviewboard. This container follows Docker's best practices, and DOES NOT include sshd, supervisor, apache2, or any other services except the reviewboard itself which is run with uwsgi.

The requirements are dockerized memcached and data volume.

This container has two volume mount-points:

  • /.ssh - The default path to where reviewboard stores it's ssh keys.
  • /media - The default path to where reviewboard stores uploaded media.

The container require a MySQL server.

  • PGUSER - the mysql port.
  • PGPASSWORD - the mysql puser password.
  • PGDB - the mysql db name.
  • PGPORT - the mysql port.
  • PGHOST - the mysql server address.

Quickstart. Run dockerized reviewboard with all dockerized dependencies and MySQL Database parameters.

# Install memcached
docker run --name rb-memcached -d -p 11211 sylvainlasnier/memcached

# Create a data container for reviewboard with ssh credentials and media.
docker run -v /.ssh -v /media --name rb-data busybox true

# Run reviewboard
docker run -it \
--link rb-memcached:memcached \
--volumes-from rb-data \
-p 8000:8000 \
-e PGHOST="" \
-e PGPASSWORD=reviewboard \
-e PGUSER=reviewboard \
-e PGDB=reviewboard1 \
-e PGPORT=3306 \

After that, go the url, e.g. http://docker_machine_ip_address:8000/, login as admin:admin, change the admin password, and change the location of your SMTP server so that the reviewboard can send emails. You are all set!

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