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Bats Docker image


That image embed bats,
a bash-testing framework.

The idea is to use Docker's lightweight isolation
to have a self-contained image embedding bats,
any dependency, and all your tests.


Pull the image from the DockerHub registry:

docker pull dduportal/bats:0.4.0

Then you have 2 usages explained below:

  • Run time execution: Run your tests with docker run
    • It requires mounting a folder inside the container
  • Build time execution: Build your own image,
    by extending this image
    • It requires to have a docker build / docker run workflow

Run time execution

  • Share your test directory inside the container,
    and provide it to bats entrypoint as a docker run argument:
docker run \
    -v /path/to/the/folder/storing/your/tests:/my-tests \
    dduportal/bats:0.4.0 \

Build time execution

Build your own Docker image from a custom Dockerfile,
extending this base image.

Please check this Dockerfile example below:

$ cat Dockerfile
FROM dduportal/bats:0.4.0
LABEL Maintainer="<insert your name here>"

COPY ./your-test-directory /tests

# Optional:
RUN apk add --no-cache <your dependencies>

CMD ["/your-test-directory"]
$ docker build -t my-tests ./
$ docker run -t my-tests


Contributions are welcome!
It is based on the free time you have to help:

I have 1 minute

  • Simply an issue describing your challenge/problem/bug,
    or the goal you want to achieve

I have 1 hour

  • Open an issue (see "I have 1 minute")
  • Ensure you have on your machine:
    • Docker,
    • Bash and GNU Make (the command make)
    • Git
  • Fork this repository
  • Clone your fork on your machine
  • Write test(s) in /tests/
  • (Re)Write the Dockerfile
  • (Re)Write the documentation if needed
  • Run make all
  • If NOT OK, fix and iterate
  • If OK, commit and push
  • Finally, open a Pull Request with a link to the issue
    you had raised earlier
    • The CI system will automatically build and test for you providing feedback
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