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Bats Docker image


That image embed bats, a bash-testing framework.

The idea is to use Docker's lightweight isolation to have an auto-sufficient image that embed bats and its dependencies, even if it only need bash as dependency...


From here, just pre-download the image from the registry :

$ docker pull dduportal/bats:0.4.0

It is strongly recommended to use tags, even if dduportal/bats will work as latest tag is implied.

Then you have to choices : running directly your test or build your own, which enable you to embed your tests.

Inline run

You just have to share your bats' tests directory inside the container and provide it to bats entrypoint as docker run argument :

$ docker run \
    -v /path/to/the/folder/storing/your/tests:/my-tests \
    dduportal/bats:0.4.0 \

Build your own testing image

The goal here is to embed to tests in order to version them or share them, and providing the 'all-in-one' box (e.g. bats + deps. + your tests) as a Docker image artefact :

$ cat Dockerfile
FROM dduportal/bats:0.4.0
MAINTAINER <your name>
ADD ./your-tests /app/bats-tests
RUN apk install --update <your dependencies>
CMD ["/app/bats-tests/"]
$ docker build -t my-tests ./
$ docker run -t my-tests

Image content and considerations

Base image

This image is built upom debian image, to have a balance beetween size and customization.
It also avoid aving sendfile caching bug when using with virtualbox (default boot2docker hypervisor) shared folder (See )

Already installed package

We embed a set of basic packages :

  • bash : It's a bats dependency,
  • make : since I use Makefile for building and testing my Docker images,
  • curl (and ca-certificates): because the default embeded wget does not handle HTTPS


Do not hesitate to contribute by forking this repository

Pick at least one :

  • Implement tests in /tests/bats/

  • Write the Dockerfile

  • (Re)Write the documentation corrections

Finnaly, open the Pull Request : CircleCi will automatically build and test for you

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