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Lynis Docker image


That image embed lynis, a tools for auditing Linux systems

The idea is to use Docker's lightweight isolation to have an auto-sufficient image that embed lynis and its dependencies, to perform on-demand audit without installing anything on your system, and leaving the place clean after the audit.


From here, just pre-download the image from the registry :

$ docker pull dduportal/lynis:2.1.0

It is strongly recommended to use tags, even if dduportal/lynis will work as latest tag is implied.

Then you have to choices : running directly your test or build your own, which enable you to embed your stuff.

Basics run

  • You can run the container in "quickie mode" to just run lynis in an isolated container :
$ docker run dduportal/lynis --help
  • To fetch logs, reports, use docker inside the container, or other advanced use cases, don't forget to share the need files and folders :
# Auditing a dockerfile which is in the current directory :
$ docker run \
    -v $(pwd):/app \
    -v $(pwd)/lynis-logs:/var/log \
    dduportal/lynis:2.1.0 \
        --auditor "John Doe" \
        --quick \
        audit dockerfile /app/Dockerfile
$ ls ./lynis-logs
lynis.log lynis-report.dat 
  • If you have some plugins (Lynis Enterprise paid user or community), share them from your host :
    $ docker run \
      -v /usr/local/lynis-plugins:/lynis-plugins \
      lynis \
          --plugin-dir /lynis-plugins \
          audit system

Build your own testing image

The goal here is to embed your own stuff to adapt the behaviour of the image to your needs :

  • Include your plugins
  • Include your test profiles
  • Pre-configure the image to make it indepednant from your host

For that, sue a Dockerfile :

$ cat Dockerfile
FROM dduportal/lynis:2.1.0
MAINTAINER <your name>
ADD ./your-plugins /app/plugins
ADD ./your-scripts /app/scripts
RUN apk --update add <package you need>
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/sh"]
CMD ["/app/scripts/"]
$ docker build -t my-lynis:1.0.0 ./
$ docker run -t my-lynis:1.0.0

Image content and considerations

Base image

Since this image just need bats and little dependencies, we use Alpine Linux as a base image :

Already installed package

We embed a set of basic packages :

  • bash : It is for convenience around the numerous lynis scripts that will need its
  • curl (and ca-certificates): because we need to download stuff thru HTTPS for lynis checks
  • openssl : cryptographic stuff Bro'


Do not hesitate to contribute by forking this repository

Pick at least one :

  • Implement tests in /tests/bats/

  • Write the Dockerfile

  • (Re)Write the documentation corrections

Finnaly, open the Pull Request : CircleCi will automatically build and test for you

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