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MistServer: multi-standard media streaming server
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MistServer is an open source multimedia multi-standard streaming server.
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This repository is a from scratch repository containing only the MistServer binaries and their dependencies, allowing it to be only ~10MiB (!) in size.

Suggested use:

docker run ddvtech/mistserver -d -p 4242:4242 -p 8080:8080 -p 1935:1935 -p 554:554 -v SOME_FOLDER_WITH_VIDEO_FILES:/video

This will forward the ports 4242 (admin web interface), 8080 (HTTP), 1935 (RTMP) and 554 (RTSP), while giving the server access to the specified "SOME_FOLDER_WITH_VIDEO_FILES".

Then just connect to localhost:4242 in your browser to complete setup through the web interface.

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