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raintank nodejs
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raintank-docker screen based dev environment

This stack runs a development stack, using every component used at raintank
that is:

  • Grafana (of course) at http://localhost:3000
  • WorldPing (enable this with key changeme, this imports the dashboards, sets up the Metric-tank datasource, makes the collectors useful, etc)
  • the backend: NSQ, rabbitmq, graphite-api, Metric-Tank, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Mysql, nsq-probe-events-to-elasticsearch
  • monitoring and utiltities: nsqadmin, graphite, statsdaemon, graphite-watcher, nsq-metrics-to-stdout, benchmark tool.

To provision a full dev stack using docker

  • install docker -
  • install docker-compose -
  • clone this git repo.
  • cd in the dir and run './'. This will build all of the raintank images.
  • alteratively, run './ rebuild' to force a rebuild of all raintank images (but keeping base images such as ubuntu etc)
  • you can use custom versions of required code by going into raintank_code, removing a dir like grafana and making a symlink like ln -s </path/to/grafana> .
    In this case, make sure to add a .notouch file so that doesn't try to manage the code there.
  • run ./ to download all of the raintank components. The script will launch a docker container and clone the git repositories of all of the raintank components. Once the script has completed, the docker host server will have a /opt/raintank directory that will have all of the raintank code and dependencies installed.
  • run ./ to start up all of the docker containers. This script will start the containers in interactive mode, attached to a screen session. Instead of using the code baked into the image, the container will instead execute what is installed in /opt/raintank on the docker host. As all containers are sharing the same /opt/raintank directory, any changes made to the /opt/raintank/* code while inside a container will be visible in all other containers.
  • attach to the screen session with 'screen -r raintank'. To navigate between all of the screen windows press 'CTRL-a then "' (double quote). This will provide the list of windows running, use the arrow keys to select the desired window then press enter.
  • enable the worldping app through the grafana menu at http://localhost:3000, using key changeme.

for your convenience, this code may be all you need (tested on ubuntu 14.04)

curl -sSL | sudo sh
curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

git clone
cd raintank-docker
  • connect to your new install in a broswer using at http://localhost:3000/. The default user is 'admin' and the default password is 'admin'

Switching branches

in a new raintank-docker branch, you can just run /, which updates the "latest" images.
If your latest images have been overridden by being in a different branch, ./ will sync up the latest tags to the images you last generated on this branch.

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