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Run puppet-lint over all files in a given volume
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UnixDaemon puppet-lint Docker image

A simple docker image that runs puppet-lint over all files in a given

To use this image you need to specify a directory, containing your
puppet modules, that is presented to the container as the /modules/
directory. Puppet-lint then runs over its contents, with the default
checks, and --with-filename --fail-on-warnings options. Any violations are
then printed to stdout.


Run puppet-lint over all files in ~/my-modules with default options -

$ docker run -v ~/my-modules:/module/ deanwilson/puppet-lint

Run puppet lint over a specific module located in the ~/my-modules directory -

$ docker run -v ~/my-modules:/module/ deanwilson/puppet-lint my-module

Run puppet-lint over ~/my-modules without checking for class documentation -

$ docker run -v ~/my-modules:/module/ deanwilson/puppet-lint --no-documentation-check

Run puppet-lint over a specific file -

$ docker run -v ~/my-modules:/module deanwilson/puppet-lint lib/jenkins/manifests/master.pp

Display the puppet-lint options -

$ docker run -v ~/my-modules:/module/ deanwilson/puppet-lint --help

Building the image

To build the image run

$ docker build -t deanwilson/puppet-lint --name puppet-lint .
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