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#Developer Environment Setup Process

We use Docker as development environment.

This repo contains PHP5+Apache2.4+Laravel 5.0.*


  • Make sure you have Git command line installed on your machine
  • Install VirtualBox (Required by Vagrant) (You don’t have to start the software as we only use the command line facility)
  • Install Vagrant (Required by CoreOS)

Now we need to Install CoreOS box on Vagrant

0) Install Vagrant WinNFSd Plugin (Only apply to Windows)

vagrant plugin install vagrant-winnfsd

1) Create a folder to save your vagrant files (e.g. /www/vagrant)

git clone https://[YOUR_USERNAME]
cd coreos-vagrant-dev

If you are in Windows, we expect you to put all your works in sub folder of C:\www
If you are in OS X or Linux, we expect you to put all your works in sub folder of /www

2) We have already setup proper environment for you to start development

vagrant up

3) The vagrant box running CoreOS should be up running now, you can use 'vagrant status' to check

4) Connect the box with

vagrant ssh core-01 -- -A

5) Once you are in the CoreOS environment, all of your works should already be mounted at ~/www

6) Now you need to download our customized container image to run Bird System

docker pull defara/development

After couple of minutes it should finish building (first time might be longer as it downloads a ubuntu image, later it will be cached)

7) Now you can start a new docker to run your application (e.g. Defara on Laravel 5.0.x)

docker run -d -p 80:80 -v /home/core/www/ defara/development /usr/sbin/apache2ctl -D FOREGROUND

Alternatively, you can login the docker container (Running on Ubuntu) to check logs:

docker run -i -t -p 80:80 -v /home/core/www/ defara/development bash
apache2ctl start

8) We don't have MySQL installed in the box, so you still need to connect it to your host MySQL Server using your host's IP (e.g. Please make sure that your MySQL user has sufficient previlege to connect from network and MySQL port is opened correctly.

9) Now your site should be available on http://localhost:8888/

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